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Push Hands Instructor 5: I Clearly Move My Feet

Although we were told to not move our feet. Look at this and see for yourself. Also, I have to quote some other awesome members of TheDojo (shoutout Shintaro, Grace, Rami): He may also have his own physical limitations so he is adapting- he did say that he doesn’t do it perfectly… It’s entirely possible that he knows his physical limitations affect his ability to properly do techniques and doesn’t want to be judged by a short video that is much more likely to accentuate his physical deficiencies than his strengths. As for the actual technique, I have no clue what stances or etiquette is accepted But the unfortunate reality is that even if he was world class at some point, it would be almost impossible to judge given the shape he’s in. If he’s marketing himself as some sort of dangerous grandmaster then he’s fair game…. But if he’s just a friendly, old, overweight dude trying to show some moves at his friends dojo then I would definitely cut him some slack

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