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Push Hands Instructor 3: Muscling A Little Kid

I had to take this off Instagram because I got so many complaints from viewers who just saw a much bigger guy muscling around a little kid. After getting home, I realized it was the right thing to do especially since I hadn't had time to think and process what I saw. Now a few weeks after the event, I'm ready to look at this again with more objectivity. Instructor Lee was trying to show shoulder alignment stuff, which we saw in part 1 when he was doing the same shoulder thing to me. Looking from a constructive angle, what could have made this way less cringe and more educational is if Instructor Lee actually explained what was going on in this surfer boy's shoulders and how he could correct it (and counter the ultra-massive force being applied to him), instead of just throwing him around like a rag-doll. Note, I double checked with Jason, the man who is the teacher of this student to make sure there was parental permission to post this. If there was a miscommunication, I will gladly take this one (and only this one) off. I cringe so hard watching this, so I want to make sure this kid feels alright with this even if his instructor or his parents are alright with this. If any of you watching think I shouldn't cringe and am being overly dramatic, then just let me know. Free discussion here.

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Edward Liaw

I think what you wrote is a good point, that it probably would more instructive to teach mechanics than to frustrate the kid. As I was taught, other than teaching mechanics in the form, we do drills and targeted exercises to figure out correct mechanics. Push hands would then be trying to apply those concepts. Starting off with push hands is a bit like throwing the kids in the pool to learn how to swim. They might figure some stuff out eventually but they're not going to be swimming laps any